Mass Heal

Restores the HP of nearby allies.
Type Attribute CD SP KR Name
Magic Buff Holy 30s 172 매스 힐
ClassName Speedup Off-hand Riding Skill Gem
Priest_MassHeal false false No Earth Shredded Gem +

Available to

Class Class Level Max. Level
Priest 31 5


at level
Heal Factor: [CaptionRatio]%
value = 422.4 + ([Skill Level] - 1) × 202.56
return value


Mass Heal: Enhance * Increases the heal factor of [Mass Heal] by 0.5% per attribute level * +10% added bonus at maximum level
  • ×100
[Arts] Mass Heal: Enhanced Upgrade * Increases the Skill Factor of [Mass Heal] by 1.25% per attribute level
  • ×10