Dismantles statues and other obstacles in front of you while dealing damage to nearby enemies.
Allows you to tear down the following:
* Dievdirbys statues, except Vakarine
* Ice Wall
* Pavise, Stockade
* Traps summoned by boss monsters
Type Attribute CD OH SP KR Name
Melee Attack (Strike-type Attack) No Attribute 45s 3 124 철거
ClassName Speedup Off-hand Riding Skill Gem
QuarrelShooter_Teardown false false No Lepusbunny Assassin Gem +

Available to

Class Class Level Max. Level
Quarrel Shooter 16 10


at level
Skill Factor: [SkillFactor]%
value = 476 + 23.8 × ([Skill Level] - 1)


Teardown: Enhance * Increases the skill factor of [Teardown] by 0.5% per attribute level * +10% added increase at maximum level
  • ×100