Critical Shot

Fire an arrow with a high chance of critical attack. Increases the caster's final damage when a critical shot is landed.
Type Attribute CD OH SP KR Name
Missile Attack (Arrow) No Attribute 10s 5 59 크리티컬 샷
ClassName Speedup Off-hand Riding Skill Gem
Ranger_CriticalShot true false No Vubbe Archer Gem +

Available to

Class Class Level Max. Level
Ranger 16 10


  • Two-handed Bow
  • Crossbow Shield
  • Crossbow Sub
  • Crossbow Dagger


at level
Skill Factor: [SkillFactor]%
Maximum Critical Chance is applied to the skill
Maximum 5 stacks
10% increased damage per stack when Critical attack occurs.
value = 226 + 11.3 × ([Skill Level] - 1)


Critical Shot: Enhance * Increases the skill factor of [Critical Shot] by 0.5% per attribute level * +10% added increase at maximum level
  • ×100