Dimension Compression

Compresses the space around a single enemy, and attacks the enemy. The longer the skill is charged, the more damage increases by maximum 100%, and nearby enemies are pulled in to attacked enemies.
Type Attribute
Magic Attack None
15s 203
Skill Gem
Dimension Compression Gem
Class Cls. Lvl Max. Lvl
Sage 16 10


at level
Skill Factor: [SkillFactor]% x 4
Max Casting Time: 2 seconds
Max Targets to Pull: 15
value = 599 + 155.6 × ([Skill Level] - 1)


Dimension Compression: Enhance
* Increases the skill factor of [Dimension Compression] by 0.5% per attribute level * +10% added increase at maximum level
  • ×100
Dimension Compression: Aftermath
* Grants [Dimension Compression] a 10% chance per attribute level to inflict enemies with [Stun] for 4 seconds * Increases SP consumption by 30%
  • ×5
  • SP +30%
[Arts] Dimension Compression: Gravity Sphere
* Fire a black sphere in the direction the caster is facing * The sphere lasts for 5 seconds, moving slowly while pulling in enemies
  • ×1
[Arts] Dimension Compression: Enhanced Upgrade
* Increases the Skill Factor of [Dimension Compression] by 1.25% per attribute level
  • ×30