Battle Orders

Enhances the damage dealt by nearby guild members and allies to enemies. Applies an additional damage increase in PvP.
Increases AoE attack ratio by 1 on allies who receive the Battle Orders buff while you are Horse Riding.
The effects disappear when the target is far from the caster, and they do not stack with the effects of Advanced Orders (only the effect that was last applied remains).
Type Attribute CD SP KR Name
Melee Buff (Piercing) No Attribute 40s 179 배틀 오더스
ClassName Speedup Off-hand Riding Skill Gem
Templer_BattleOrders false false Only Blue Hohen Gulak Gem +

Available to

Class Class Level Max. Level
Templar 16 10


at level
Duration: 30 seconds
Damage: +[CaptionRatio2]%
* Damage in PvP: +[CaptionRatio]%
value = [Skill Level] × 1.5
addValue = [Skill Level] × 1.5
value = value + addValue
return value
value = [Skill Level] × 1.5
return value


Battle Orders: Enhance * Increases [Battle Orders]' damage increasing effects by 0.5% per attribute level * +10% added increase at maximum level * (Does not apply to PvP bonus values)
  • ×100