How To Use The Flute

Talk to the Pied Piper Master
ClassID Level Type ClassName KR Name
80402 285 Repeat × 15 JOB_PIED_PIPER_Q1 피리를 다루는 방법


ZoneForest of Prayer
NPC[Pied Piper Master] Jogaila


Proceed to Brangiti Hill in Altar Way to begin your training. When you use the Old Flute near the Drill Ground a rhombus-shaped obstacle course will appear and your training will begin. Obstacles and moving platforms will be generated randomly and a starting area and a goal will be assigned on two of the four corners. The apparition formed in the starting area will move following the direction the platform is pointing to. Use the skills assigned to your quick slot to change the direction of the platforms and guide the apparition to the goal. [Shortcuts] - A key: Rotate the platform to face ↘ (cooldown 0.5 sec) - F key: Rotate the platform to face ↙ (cooldown 0.5 sec) - G key: Rearrange the Drill Ground (cooldown 5 sec) - When the apparition reaches the goal, the number of successful runs will increase by 1 [Requirements for Completion] Stage 1: Total of 6 successful runs Stage 2: Total of 8 successful runs Stage 3: Total of 10 successful runs