Focus Training

Talk with the Onmyoji Master
ClassID Level Type ClassName KR Name
80401 285 Repeat × 15 JOB_ONMYOJI_Q1 집중력 향상 훈련


NPC[Onmyoji Master] Ahiro Seimei


To begin the training the Onmyoji Master has told you to go to Sventimas Exile. Use the Shikiban given to you by the Onmyoji Master to change the direction of the moving paper dolls counterclockwise. - If the paper dolls that collide are the same type 5 points per doll will be given. If they are not the same type 1 point per doll will be given. Success Criteria Level 1: 350 points Level 2: 450 points Level 3: 550 points