Deciphering the Mysterious Writings (3)

The Bokor Master seems to have figured out a way to thwart the demons' plans. Ask her about it.
ClassID Level Type ClassName KR Name
50281 151 Sub PILGRIMROAD362_HQ3 알 수 없는 문자의 정체(3)


Quests Deciphering the Mysterious Writings (2) (151)


ZoneBokor Master's Home
NPC[Bokor Master] Mama Marie Lavoie


The Bokor Master says it can be hard to tell what the cursed objects might be. Instead, she believes they can be found with a curse detecting orb. There's no way for the Bokor Master to know what type of curse it is, however, so the curse detector may not work properly. Go to Fasika Plateau and use the curse detector to find the cursed objects.
Collect Cursed Object × 4