Goddess Treaty (1)

Prophecy Tome: the treaty was sealed by both demons and goddesses. If you have a token of the demon treaty, you can release the seal made by the demons. Use the token on the demon treaty seal to release it.
ClassID Level Type ClassName KR Name
30290 325 Sub WTREES_21_1_SQ_7 여신의 서약(1)


Quests Demon Treaty (4) (325)


ZoneYudejan Forest
NPCTreaty Seal


Prophecy Tome: to obtain a token of the goddess treaty, you need the Goddess' Stone of Faith. I left the stone in Sviesos Way. However, according to my prophecy, the altar where I left it was destroyed during Medzio Diena. But it should still be in Sviesos Way.
Collect Goddess' Stone of Faith × 1