What Must Be Done (1)

The Incinerator's Secret Device has been activated. Talk to Zanas's Spirit.
ClassID Level Type ClassName KR Name
30188 272 Main PRISON_82_MQ_5 지금 해야 할 일은(1)


Quests Zanas' Resolve(2) (272)


ZoneInvestigation Room
NPCZanas' Soul


Zanas' Spirit says that it will utilize itself and the Incinerator in order to enhance the Dominance Magic. You must activate the Secret Devices and attack the Demons to draw their attention in order to protect Zanas and weaken the Demons. Defeat the monsters on the way to the Incinerator in order to protect Zanas' Spirit at the Incinerator.
Defeat Blue Temple Slave Mage or Blue Temple Slave Assassin or White Wendigo Archer × 13