Shard Collection(1)

You require information from Zanas' Spirit about when he was captured by the Demons. Listen to the new information Zanas' Spirit has to offer.
ClassID Level Type ClassName KR Name
30178 269 Main PRISON_81_MQ_5 조각 모음(1)


Quests The Restrained Spirit of Zanas(2) (269)


NPCZanas' Soul


Zanas' Spirit says that he has lost the four Shards of Fire, Ice, Lightning and Poison because they were taken by the Demons. All four are required to disarm the Secret Device in which the King's Yellow Jewel is hidden, so you must recover all of them to obtain the Jewel.
Collect Fire Fragment from × 1
Collect Ice Fragment from × 1
Collect Lightning Fragment from × 1
Collect Poison Fragment from × 1