The Rune Caster and the Rune Stone [Rune Caster Advancement]

Talk with the Rune Caster Master at the Goddess' Ancient Garden.
ClassID Level Type ClassName KR Name
30144 185 Main JOB_RUNECASTER_6_1 룬캐스터와 룬 스톤[룬캐스터 전직]


ZoneGoddess' Ancient Garden
NPC[Rune Caster Master] Shelly Pennington


The Rune Caster Master says that you must collect the materials for the Rune Stone required to cast Rune Magic. Collect Malstatue's Evil Energy Fragment, Velaphid's Cold Blood and Pumpleflap's Robust Horn from Tyla Monastery.
Collect Malstatue's Magic Fragment from × 30
Collect Velaphid's Cold Blood from × 15
Collect Pumpleflap's Robust Horn from × 5