Bullet Marker's Property Application

The Bullet Marker Master has designed a training site to practice using properties quickly and precisely. He has opened the site to other developing Bullet Markers.
ClassID Level Type ClassName KR Name
1163 285 Repeat × 15 JOB_BULLETMARKER1 불릿 마커의 속성 활용


ZoneGreene Manor
NPC[Bullet Marker Master] Flint Winterwood


Go to the Master's training grounds. Attack the charged property with its weakness to gather points. After 1 attack the property will disappear. Go to the charger at the training grounds to recharge the property. -Property Relationship Ice=>Fire, Fire=>Earth, Earth=>Lightning, Lightning=>Ice, Divine=>Dark, Ace=> All - Success Criteria Level 1 : 300 points Level 2 : 380 points Level 3 : 460 points