Legend of the Cold Iron [Cryomancer Advancement] (2)

The Cryomancer Master says he's looking for a precious book and he'll help you become a Cryomancer if you find the book for him. Ask the Mayor at the Miners' Village about the book.
ClassID Level Type ClassName KR Name
1109 45 Main JOB_CRYOMANCER2_2 한철의 전설[크리오맨서 전직](2)


Quests Legend of the Cold Iron [Cryomancer Advancement] (1) (45)


ZoneMiners' Village
NPCMiners' Village Mayor


The Miners' Village Mayor says the Vubbes stole everything during their previous raid. Go to the Vubbe Outpost and look for the book.
Collect Armor from the Kadumel Era from × 1