Dream Book of the Bow [Hunter Advancement] (2)

This isn't the only book the Hunter Master is looking for. Talk to the Hunter Master again.
ClassID Level Type ClassName KR Name
1084 45 Main JOB_HUNTER2_2 활이 꿈꾸는 책1[헌터 전직](2)


Quests A Bower's Dream Book [Hunter Advancement] (1) (45)


ZoneEast Siauliai Woods
NPC[Hunter Master] Fiona Ieva


The Hunter Master says that the Quarel Shooter Master may be interested in trading the book for tough Glizardon leather. Go to Tenet Church B1 next to Gele Plateau by passing Srautas Gorge that is beyond the Miners' Village. Bring back the Glizardon leather from there.
Collect Tough Glizardon Leather from × 2