Non-existent Book [Linker Advancement] (2)

The materials for the test are ready. Go talk to the Linker Submaster to find out how the test is going to be carried out.
ClassID Level Type ClassName KR Name
1078 45 Main JOB_LINKER2_2 세상에 없던 책[링커 전직](2)


Quests Non-existent Book [Linker Advancement] (1) (45)


ZoneMiners' Village
NPC[Linker Submaster] Roddie Kuska


The Linker Submaster says that if you're really talented you should have the eyes to find the World Behind at Tenet Church 1F. Go into this world, find a book there and bring it to the Linker Submaster.
Collect The Expansion of Atman × 1