Non-existent Book [Linker Advancement] (1)

Find the Linker Master at the Siauliai Miners' Village.
ClassID Level Type ClassName KR Name
1077 45 Main JOB_LINKER2_1 세상에 없던 책[링커 전직](1)


ZoneMiners' Village
NPC[Linker Submaster] Roddie Kuska


The Linker Master is emphasizing the importance of the ability to open one's mind as a Linker. Firstly, get to Tenet Church by passing through Srautus Gorge and Gele Plateau. There, test your competence as a Linker, obtain Corylus Cores and Galok Blood in Tenet Church 1F.
Collect Corylus Core from × 5
Collect Galok Blood from × 1


Non-existent Book [Linker Advancement] (2) (45)