Bothersome Mission [Psychokino Advancement]

Find the Psychokino Master at the Siauliai Miners' Village.
ClassID Level Type ClassName KR Name
1075 45 Main JOB_PSYCHOKINESIST2_1 신경 쓰이는 임무[사이코키노 전직]


ZoneMiners' Village
NPC[Psychokino Submaster] Cielle Gudan


The Psychokino Master told you that he is interested in this field and asked you to become his assistant. Firstly, get to Tenet Church by passing through Srautus Gorge and Gele Plateau. Once you arrive there, obtain the Desmodus Tail Pins in Tenet Church B1 requested by the Psychokino Master.
Collect Desmodus' Tail Pin from × 7