Unique Unidentified Two-handed Weapon Box

Select and obtain one Lv. 380 unidentified equipment item.
The item will not be timed or include any trading restrictions.
Will be removed at the end of the event period.
Type Weight Trade
Event 0
  • Team
ClassID ClassName Use Consume KR Name
902127 Event_Steam_Fishing_BOX1 true true 유니크 미감정 양손 무기 선택 상자 +


Primus Zvaigzde Musket × 1
Primus Zvaigzde Bow × 1
Primus Zvaigzde Two-handed Mace × 1
Primus Zvaigzde Staff × 1
Primus Zvaigzde Pike × 1
Primus Zvaigzde Two-handed Sword × 1


Crafted from