Primus Zvaigzde Shield

One of the reasons why the Owyn family is active in the region of Nicopolis is the strange reappearance of old weapons that were thought to have vanished along with the city. After studying the returned weapons, Owynia Dilben sought the help of the Bullet Marker Master to produce new copies of the equipment. Curiously, however, until they gain a proper owner, the newly-created weapons seem to disappear and reappear at random times.
Type Grade Gem EXP Weight Trade
Plate Shield 380 70
  • Players
  • Team
  • Market
ClassID ClassName Use Consume KR Name
224114 SHD04_114 false false 프리머스 즈바이더 실드 +


Min. Level380

Stats Unidentified

Physical Defense4620
Block Rate2
- Final Block Rate +2%
Sockets0 / 3


Anvil Physical Defense Price Total
Transcend Ratio Price Total

Stat Reset Cost

Nucle Powder × 1200
Sierra Powder × 126


Dropped by
Contained inside


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